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Important Notice


We held a lecture on the Ambassador of Canada to Japan, Ian McQuei.

We held a signing ceremony for an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with Shimonoseki City Board of Education.

2nd exchange students from Germany Let's learn about the world while staying in Japan! ! Will be held by changing the implementation date and held!


Faculty, graduate school, majors

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics consists of three departments: Department of Economics, Department of International Commerce and Department of Public Management. Shimonoseki City University Faculty of Economics learns about economic, organizational and social mechanisms through these three subjects. Students who have studied basic subjects in each department will select and study applied subjects themselves. By creating our own educational programs and gaining the experience they have learned in line with them, we aim to develop highly professionals who can respond to new issues that have never been experienced before.

Faculty of Data Science

Human resources who can utilize the enormous accumulated big data will be required in a wide range of fields, both public and private sectors. In addition to the knowledge and skills of data science, Shimonoseki City University Faculty of Data Science will develop human resources who will lead to the realization of a sustainable future.

Faculty of Nursing (tentative name: application for installation approval)
Scheduled to be opened in April 2025

With a view to a healthy future, we will continue to work with people and communities. We will nurture such nursing professionals and contribute to the local community.

Graduate School

Until now, Shimonoseki City University Graduate School has accepted and sent out a variety of members, including new university graduates, active members of society and retired employees, mainly in the Shimonoseki area, and international students from Korea and China. With a small number of students, students can exchange opinions based on their knowledge and experience, stimulate each other, and a friendly support system such as lectures and research guidance by professors on day and night lectures and research guidance by professors.

Open campus


The open campus program in FY2023 has ended. Click here to see the Open Campus 2023 held on August 5 and 6, 2023.

Examination student support site

It is a site to support students from Shimonoseki City University. We send various information such as charm of Shimonoseki City University, introduction of undergraduate and department, interview of current students, entrance examination guidance for examinees, open campuses, etc.